Dr. Joe’s Flossing Philosophy and Fun Facts!

In my opinion flossing is just as important as brushing your teeth.  Some statistics show that only 8% of us actually floss and if your a guy its less than that.  My philosophy here at Lakeland Hills Dental is that if I was stuck on a deserted Island and I only had the choice of a tooth brush or floss, I would choose the floss.

Dental floss or  such as floss picks allow you clean between your teeth where a tooth brush can’t reach.  Have you ever got a piece of food stuck between your teeth and couldn’t get it out with a toothbrush?  It takes 24 hours for plaque to form on your teeth, so flossing and brushing thoroughly once a day is better than just doing a poor job three times a day.

Flossing is a habit we should all try to incorporate into our personal hygiene routine.  For those of us without the dexterity such as elderly and the  young a floss pick is a great alternative to use.  It’s a great way to start developing a healthy habit for the rest of your life.

A  final thought:  only floss the teeth you want to keep!!